Fighter and human lover!

My previous life path was colorful, diverse and also quite often very rocky. Looking back, these difficult phases of my life have taught me a lot and nowadays provide me with great resilience. Even those deepest phases are important in order to illuminate one’s own life path even more precisely & above all to develop the courage to walk it. Great mentors accompanied me on my journey, and I am very happy that they remain loyal to this day!

In my free time I love to travel, to be with horses and to spend time in nature, especially in the mountains. I connected with the Buddhist teaching 10 years ago and practice Vipassana meditation daily. Cooking with regional products and exchange with friends are very close to my heart!

Short CV

  • Since 2011 Freelance consultant.
  • Since 2014 riding therapy work with handicapped children / adolescents.
  • Since 2015 volunteer and advisory work for people with a migrant background for various institutions, e.g. Social Impact LAB, ArrivalAid non-profit UG, HVMZM e.V., mint e.V., Humanitarian Without Borders e.V.
  • 1998 – 2011 independent with Event Management Agency.
  • Many years of event experience European-wide.
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and acting.
  • Several years of experience working with people with a migrant background. Entrepreneurship consultancy.
  • Women Empowerment in Entrepreneurship Consulting.
  • Degree in Business Administration (focus: International Business) USA

Selection of references

Event management

  • B / S / H / Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH (over 10 years of support for sales conferences National & International, Roadshows, PROTOUR, opening Tassimo Werk Nazarje/Slovenia), incentives in Portugal, Spain.
  • Robert Bosch GmbH and Siemens Aktiengesellschaft (over 10 years of events accompanying trade fairs).
  • Deutsche Bank AG (over 5 years of International corporate conferences for Josef Ackermann).
  • Investcorp (International Investment forums). With Thomas Middelhoff, Joschka Fischer, Gerhard Schröder.
  • Deutsche Bahn AG (open house days, seminars, workshops).
  • Div. food, pharmaceutical and automotive companies.
  • Div. law and tax law firms (workshops, seminars, conferences).

Social sector

  • Social Impact LAB.
  • Humanitarian Without Borders e.V.
  • Bfz (Berufliches Fortbildungszentrum der Bayrischen Wirtschaft gGmbH)
  • ArrivalAid gemeinnützige UG
  • HVMZM e.V.
  • mint e.V.

Certifications & Memberships

„With our hearts we recognize truths that we do not recognize with our minds solely.“