Entrepreneurship Coaching

Entrepreneurship coaching of migrants for the future-proof re-alignment of their start-ups.
Presence and online modules possible.

I have many years of experience in working with migrants and young entrepreneurs setting up their business in Germany or in their home countries. Until now, I have covered numerous professional groups: small retailers, supermarkets, gastronomy, solo self-employers

My life has taught me a lot. Based on this multifaceted life and work experience as an entrepreneur, I have developed individual methods. Each of my approaches is tailor-made for the coachee and combines great empathy, love for people and of course my experience from the free economy.

How is the joint process?

Joint stocktaking

Where do you stand? Potential analysis. What is your vision? How should your own business idea be implemented? How do you create a business plan? Teaching of start-up planning tools. Analysis of markets and customers.  What are the key legal aspects?

What’s the best way to use marketing and social media? Barriers and obstacles will keep popping up. How can you overcome them?

Communication and negotiation

How do you obtain the necessary industry know-how? Competitive analysis (who is already on the market, what are they already doing properly, which market segment is already served, which area is still free). What else should be considered?

SWOT analysis

Executive Summary. Assessment Center. Prepare & practice successful pitches. How to use your current resources. How can we best research the circumstances of our home country? How can you use relevant contacts on-site from the start? How realistic do we jointly gauge your business idea in your home country. Joint alignment of milestones.

Strategic market and competition analysis

Together we approach a strategic market and competition analysis and prepare a comprehensive business plan.

Elaboration of a financial plan

A realistic financial plan is the base for everything. We cannot avoid drawing up a detailed financing plan, even if this is often time-consuming and nerve-racking. Here we explored opportunities for funding that often exist (there are also “unknown sources”) and are very useful.

Bridge builder

I often see myself as a bridge builder between the valuable know-how from Germany and the feasibility in the home country with adaptations. Here it is important to illuminate the areas that stand out & are most effective.

Long-term support

The aim is to establish further long-term digital support through interactive coaching & to ensure continuous support of your business realization in your home country.

Start of your Hero – Journey!

Certifications & Memberships

„The road to your goal begins on the day you take 100 percent responsibility for what you do.“