Life & Job Coaching

Life and job coaching. Presence and online modules possible.

What I offer:

Life Journey

In this sector, I accompany people from a wide range of professional fields and hierarchy levels. Exciting in this sector is to get involved in the individual situation again and again and to define a journey that perfectly suits my client.


Every journey looks different and I reach the goal with my clients above all through great sensitivity and of course also through my many expert portfolio.


Life experience and classic methods (e.g. Wheel of Life, Sparring, SMART and the GROW method) are used. Quality controls ensure an effective implementation. Each of my approaches is tailored to the client/KMU/ solo self-employed and combines great empathy, love for people and of course my vast experience from the economy.


Target companies: Companies run by migrants, by female entrepreneurs, that are committed to sustainability and environmental protection. KMUs and solo self-employed.

Certifications & Memberships

„Silence makes the melody – the pauses are what life is all about…“