Moved live!

What is important for me is moving away from “higher, faster, further” to truly authentic & sustainable work. Preferably combined with a formative social impact.

Professional lifeline

My range of offers (4 pillars) is based on my multi-layered life & work experience.

USA / Business Administration Studies, Trade Fair & Event Experience

Already parallel to my business studies with a focus on International Business in the USA, I organized large trade fairs & shows with great enthusiasm for the Tampa Convention Center. The American approach (real learning by doing) has enabled me as a young person to have an infinite amount of experience that I could not have received in Europe. During this time, I was able to gain valuable experience in the trade fair- & event – area. That was with all the highs & lows in the truest sense: MY jump into the cold water.


Afterwards, the 5-star hotel industry attracted me. At Doubletree Hotels Corporation and Hilton HOTELS & RESORTS, I have gained diverse sales experience with inspiring colleagues in corporate sales. Already in the early years of my life I discovered my sales talent in the sale of self-bound flower bouquets, painted stones and flea market sales. Thanks to the sales experience in the two hotel chains, this talent has finally become entrenched.

My early self-employment

From the experience of these two areas, the definitely very dynamic & courageous idea arose in 1998 to found my own event management agency in Berlin and Munich in my early 20s. I started to set up my agency in the connecting room of my private apartment and within 14 years I developed it into a well-known event management agency with excellent references. A great team – to which I keep in touch to this day – and wonderful long-established sub-suppliers have made unique events possible throughout Europe.

Social lifeline

After a personal stroke of fate, I decided in 2011 to move to Starnberg near Munich and work as a freelance consultant in event management. This area accompanies me to this day and I passionately support small companies and corporations in event consulting. My customers benefit not only from my expertise and strong sales talent, but also from my excellent network.

Further expansion

The idea of hotel, restaurant and location consulting arose from good and long-term co-operations. In this field, I accompany the entire processes together with an existing team of experts.

Social – projects

However, a large mosaic stone was still missing until 2015. I had not integrated my social side into my professional environment. The great influx of refugees and, as often, a wonderful encounter at the campfire at the Christmas market in Tutzing, formed my social commitment from here on. Starting 2015 I volunteered for several years for a group of men from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, among others. This work filled me with gratitude from the heart and it quickly became clear that I was able to help the men – in addition to all-round support and counselling – best in the job development / placement of trainee positions. Fictitious job interviews were quickly practiced, C.V.s were creatively created together, and my business network used, so that trainee positions could be arranged quickly & unbureaucratically.

Entrepreneurship consultancy

To this day, I have been working with great commitment – in the meantime on a fee basis – in this area, which I have extended to include entrepreneurship consultancy (for Germany and countries of return). My core countries are Nigeria, Senegal and Iraq. Up to now I have been able to look after such interesting projects as: opening of a bakery, supermarket, vegetable shop, bar, restaurant. My clientele benefits from my many years of entrepreneurial experience, very empathetic and kind approach and my great pleasure to work for these culturally diverse & repeatedly inspiring people. Already as a child, these “other people” have always magically attracted me.

Life and job coaching

Organically the life and job coaching has grown. Contacts, business partners and friends asked me to advise them. I am happy to accept this healthy development and am pleased that I am able to accompany people from different professions & hierarchy levels on their very individual journey. A project of the heart!

My approach

For all projects, for me, it is not size that matters, but rather the idea, strategy that should be achieved. Above all the person with his*her very unique spirit has top priority for me. If the chemistry between my clients and me matches, everything else can develop in the open flow.

It is always great to be part of a unique life journey.